Global Heritage Fund In The News

Many thanks to Mike Smith and Julia Tikunova at Global Heritage Fund for telling me about Saving Our Vanishing Heritage, a GHF project focusing on “the challenges facing our most significant and endangered archaeological and heritage sites in the developing world — and what we can do to save them – before they are lost forever.”  The report includes a survey of over 500 threatened global heritage sites and a review by leading conservation experts identifying how the global community can immediately intervene in the destruction of these cultural treasures.”  Executive Director Jeff Morgan contributed an informative piece about the project to the Huffington post — definitely worth checking out for the great quote by Tim Williams of UCL Institute of Archaeology!

Go to the Saving Our Vanishing Heritage website where you can download a pdf of the report.  Also check out the organization’s superb web log, Heritage on The Wire.  All well done by Global Heritage Fund!

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