Addendum: Istanbul’s Cultural Heritage Inventory

Another short article about Turkey’s cultural heritage preservation appeared yesterday in the Hurriyet Daily News, this one lauding the success of Europa Nostra Turkey’s advocacy and awareness campaign.  According to the article, in the past few years the Turkish branch of Europe’s largest cultural heritage association has been at the forefront of cultural resource protection on the continent.  The group has made a priority of raising civil awareness for the safeguarding the national cultural heritage.  By discussing “with all classes of society” the ongoing threats to Turkey’s history, such as migration and rapid urban development, Europa Nostra Turkey ignites a strong public concern for the national identity and for the nation’s history.  In regards to the Cultural Ants projects initiated by Europa Nostra a few years ago, Turkish architect Baris Alkan said, “Thanks to this project, we have brought schoolchildren together with history and culture.  We have made them touch and perceive historical structures.  This will shape their conscious and a more conscious generation will come.”

Europa Nostra Turkey’s cultural preservation efforts were recently recognized by Europa Nostra in a 2007 award for the restoration of Cappadocia’s Sarica Church.  See also the Rock Sites of Cappadocia on UNESCO World Heritage List.

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