Sagamore Hill: Teddy Roosevelt’s ‘Summer White House’

My two-day local heritage tour ended with a chilly visit to Sagamore Hill National Historic Site.  Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of United States, passed seven summers here between 1902 and 1908.  A native of Manhattan, Roosevelt grew up visiting this part of Long Island to enjoy its natural beauty, spending summer vacations hiking, rowing, swimming and riding.  In 1884 he purchased farmland on Cove Neck and for $16,975 he built the well-preserved, sturdy, modern home visitors see today.  The 22-room Queen Anne-style home and all other properties on the eighty-three acre estate are a listed National Historic Site and constitute the only presidential site on Long Island.  (CLICK to enlarge photos. Sorry none of the interior.)

(All photo credits: Nicholas Merkelson)

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