Baig’s Forts and Palaces Photobook Released To Much Fanfare

Amita Baig’s 256-page photo book Forts and Palaces of India was officially released to the public at an event attended by a long list of celebrities and superstars.  The crowd lauded the author for the 25 years she has dedicated to cultural heritage protection and preservation in India, and they praised the photography team for illuminating the book with over 300 color photos.  The book launch was an opportunity to celebrate a work as much as a message.  Baig said, “I strongly feel that we need to develop a positive attitude towards our cultural heritage and not simply treat them as picture postcards. Forts and Palaces of India depicts the richness of such monuments in India and even presents how they came into being and are still as beautiful as they have been even after so many years of their existence.”
Jaisalmer Fort, built in 1156AD in Indian state of Rajastan,
and one of the largest forts in the world (Photo: Adrian Sulc) 
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