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Long Overdue Thank You’s to Some CiP Followers

Lately I have made enthusiastic attempts to reach out the growing community of cultural heritage, museum, and archaeology bloggers, in hopes that they might find Culture in Peril a useful resource for the cross-fertilization of ideas.  My belief is that … Continue reading

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Update: Pompeii’s Collapsing Archaeological Heritage

Just as I was wrapping up the previous post I learned that two more walls gave way inside Pompeii.  Despite ongoing preservation and restoration efforts at the 2,000-year-old archaeological site, this string of recent collapses was triggered by uncharacteristically heavy rains sweeping across … Continue reading

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Pompeii’s Collapsing Archaeological Heritage

A second building collapse at Pompeii prompts inquiries as to the state of Italy’s cultural and archaeological management. Earlier this week, a portion of the garden wall at the House of the Moralist unexpectedly fell down at the UNESCO World Heritage … Continue reading

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