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Drug Addiction Fuels Looting of Antiquities

An article in the March/April edition of Archaeology magazine, titled “Drugs, Guns and Dirt,” highlights the surprisingly intimate connection between drug addiction and the looting of archaeological sites in the American Southwest. According to the the article, federal law enforcement agents … Continue reading

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Subsistence Digging Is (Not) Looting?

I have found that the vast majority of fellow students in my master’s course tend to hold a defeatist attitude towards the illicit looting of cultural property—that is, it is inherently negative and harmful; it is “bad.” In cultural heritage … Continue reading

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UNESCO Seeks Ban on Haitian Artifacts Trade

Brought to your attention as an addendum to Culture in Peril’s last post regarding the earthquake’s effects on traditional Vodou burial rituals… UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) recently issued a statement to Director-General Ban Ki-moon asking for his support … Continue reading

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