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New Museum Memorializes Sichuan Earthquake Victims

Beichuan, the most heavily damaged town in the Sichuan earthquake zone, will soon become a museum and memorial to the victims of the May 12, 2008 earthquake.  The local government announced recently that the town’s ruins, including collapsed and leaning homes, … Continue reading


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World Cultural Heritage Enshrined In Local Commemorative Plaque

Sometimes, when you think you’ve seen every commemorative statue and memorial in your town, you find another one hiding under the rug — or in this case, prominently displayed in a public space.  Here’s a piece of local history and … Continue reading

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Negative Memory Bulldozed in Sri Lanka

A March post on Culture in Peril, titled “Remembering to Remember at Holocaust Museums,” discussed the topic of memory and its crucial role in effecting proper negotiation of tragic negative events. I wrote, [T]he key premise of this blog post: museum … Continue reading

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Remembering to Remember at Holocaust Museums

I recently visited the Imperial War Museum London, a British national museum which seeks “to enable people to have an informed understanding of modern war and its impact on individuals and society” (mission statement). If you are hoping to learn about … Continue reading

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